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Glass Chiller

If you like soft drinks or wine, glass chiller will be a good choice for you. It can make a frozen cup effect in 3 seconds without the need for additional power. Whether it is sterilizing glass bottles or improve taste, glass chiller can be well used.

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● Using enamel enamel technology, colors include: blue and white

● Using mechanical switch, no safety hazard

● Adopt patented air valve interface to avoid dangerous operation;

● LED display light, ultra-low power consumption;

● Universal cup types include: Whiskey glasses, cocktail glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses, white wine glasses, shake glasses, drink glasses, coffee glasses, etc.;


Product parameter:
Specifications: 235*235*231mm
3 seconds rapid cooling (-15℃) sterilization;
9 seconds freezing (-35℃) for sterilization (about 500 cups in a 250ml standard cup);
Shelf life: two years
The above time will increase or decrease according to the size of the cup.

Application: It is widely used in bars, water bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, VIP reception rooms, carnivals, beer festivals and home terminals.

Cylinder Specifications:
Pressure vessel capacity: 12 liters
Filling liquid gas: 7.2 liters
Design pressure of special pressure vessel: 20 MPa
Filling factor requirement specification: 60%
Valve design pressure: 22.5 MPa
Valve working pressure: 15MPa
Gas warranty period: 1year

Frequently Asked Question
  • Q: What is the voltage requirement of this glass chiller?
    This glass chiller does not require electricity.

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