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Overview of Special Gases for Semiconductor Electronics

Date: Jul 29, 2022

Ⅰ. Introduction to special gases

Specialty gases refer to high-purity gases (or electron gases) used for semiconductors. It is a special high-purity gas used in the production of various electronic products such as semiconductors, liquid crystals, and solar cells. According to its application, there are gas materials used in the production of semiconductor wiring, etching (performing semiconductor microfabrication processes), and gases used in the cleaning process of production equipment. Electronic special gas is an indispensable basic and supporting material in the production of electronic industries such as integrated circuits, flat display devices, compound semiconductor devices, solar cells, optical fibers, etc. It is widely used in thin films, doping, chamber cleaning, lithography, etching, cleaning, carrier gas, protective gas and other processes.

. Classification of special gases

1. Classification according to physical state

  • Compressed gas: gas stored in cylinders. For example: NitrogenOxygenSilane…, these gases use pressure to confirm the storage capacity.
  • Liquefied gas: chlorine gas, hydrogen chloride, etc., the storage capacity of such gas is confirmed by weight.
  • Dissolved gas: Acetylene(very unstable, usually transported dissolved in acetone)

2. Classification according to physical and chemical properties

  • flammable gas: SiH4; PH3; B2H6; AsH3; GeH4; H2 ; CH2F2; SiH2Cl2; SiHCl3……;

  • Oxidizing gas: O2; NF3N2O; Cl2; ClF3; NO……;

  • Corrosive gas: HCl; HBr; BCl3; BF3; SiCl4; WF6; Cl2; SiHCl3; SiH2Cl2……;

  • Toxic gas: AsH3,PH3,B2H6,GeH4,CO,CH2F2……;

  • Low Pressure Gas: ClF3,WF6,DCS,TCS……;

  • Inert Gas: N2; HeArKrXe; CF4; C2F6; C3F8; CHF3……

3. Classification according to process application

Electronic gas classification

Ⅲ. Common gas phase state

Common gas phase state

Ⅳ. Hazards of electronic special gas

1. A list of the hazards of electronic special gas

the hazards of electronic special gas

2. A list of toxic and rational hazards of electronic special gas

toxic and rational hazards of electronic special gas

3. Global Warming Potential (GWP) Data at a Glance

GWP Data

4. Classification of some special gas hazards

Classification of some special gas hazards

Ⅴ.Preparation of operators

  • Product Knowledge: Specialty gas operators need understand the product and its hazards completely, including the physical properties, toxicology and other distinctive characteristics of the product;
  • Operational knowledge: Operators should master the correct operating procedures for operating cylinders and cylinder valves, and need to be trained in the inspection, maintenance and use of valve fittings.
  • Gas Handling Equipment: Operators must have working knowledge of all gas handling equipment and systems;
  • Labor Protective Equipment (PPE): Operators must be trained in PPE required for routine and emergency operations.

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