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Jinhong Gas continues to expand liquid helium business

Date: Oct 28, 2022

    In 2022, JinhongGas imported several liquid helium storage tanks, which increasedthe choice of helium supplyand lowered helium price in China.It makes it easier for customers to purchase helium, ultra-high-pure helium, medical helium, and compressed helium can be transported and provided more conveniently.

The importance of helium gas storage tanks

    Helium is a key cryogenic material in semiconductor, medical and other industries because of its small proportion in air. Due to the high demand for helium and low output, the corresponding helium price is also getting higher and higher, and the price of helium storage tanks is also high.

    As an ultra-high standard professional cryogenic pressure vessel, helium gas storage tank is currently only a few companies in the world, such as the United States and Germany, capable of designing and manufacturing.

2.helium storage tank

    The single price of a liquid helium storage tank is as high as millions of dollars, and the cryogenic liquid helium has extremely high requirements on the material properties and structural design of the storage tank, and it is very difficult to develop and manufacture this type of equipment. At present, the design and manufacture of large-scale liquid helium storage and transportation equipment are mainly concentrated in the hands of a few companies in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries. For reasons such as technical protection and trade barriers, the trade of liquid helium storage tanks is very difficult.

3.helium storage

    Due to these reasons, most companies conduct liquid helium trade by "renting storage tanks", which brings great inconvenience to the development of liquid helium business.

Develop business in the helium market

4.liquid helium tank

    After successfullyimporting the first lot of liquid helium storage tanks, Jinhong Gas was able to open a more efficient import cooperation with helium sources in Qatar, Russia, the United States, etc. 

    In the future, Jinhong will further increase the investment in the liquid helium tanks, in order to break through the hard threshold of cross-border transportation, strengthen Jinhong’s international freight business capabilities, consolidate the leading position in gas industry, and make greater contribution to customer service. 

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