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Discussion on Industrial Hydrogen Production Methods

Date: Aug 12, 2022

Steam Methane Reformer-SMR

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Hydrogen production from methanol cracking-MC

Main reaction:

  • CH3OH=CO+2H2         +90.7 KJ/mol

  • CO+H2O=CO2+H2       -41.2 KJ/mol 

Total reaction:

  • CH3OH+H2O=CO2+3H2   +49.5 KJ/mol

Side reaction:

  • 2CH3OH=CH3OCH3+H2O   -24.9 KJ/mol

  • CO+3H2=CH4+H2O      -+206.3KJ/mol 

After the conversion gas that above-mentioned reaction generates is cooled and condensed, its composition is:

  • H2- 73~74% 

  • CO2-23~24.5% 

  • CO-~1.0% 

  • CH3OH-300ppm 

  • H2O-饱和

  • H2O-saturated 

<a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>Hydrogen</a> production from methanol cracking

Hydrogen production from water electrolysis-Electrolyzer

Hydrogen production from water electrolysis-Electrolyzer

Comparison of three hydrogen production methods

    The main methods of hydrogen production are: natural gas steam reforming to produce hydrogen, methanol cracking to produce hydrogen, and water electrolysis to produce hydrogen

    These three hydrogen production methods have different applicability:

    1. Large-scale hydrogen production prefers natural gas steam reforming process

    2. For high-purity hydrogen that strictly limits carbon-containing impurities, only the water electrolysis process can be selected

    3.Considering the cost factor, it is recommended to choose the methanol cracking hydrogen production process under the condition that the natural gas supply is constrained.

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