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Experts from Norwegian Academy of Sciences Visited JinHong Gas to Investigate and Exchange Ideas of Hydrogen Energy Technology

Date: Dec 17, 2021

    On December 13, Prof. Truls Eivind Norby, academician of Norwegian Academy of Sciences, and experts from Soochow University and Soochow University of Science and Technology visited JinHong Gas to investigate our hydrogen products and related technologies and conduct in-depth discussion with Dr. Sun, director of Jinhong Gas R&D Center.

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    Prof. Truls Eivind Norby is one of the world's four leading authorities on solid ionic conductors, especially solid proton conductors. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Oslo in 1986 and was a Research Fellow of the Nordic Energy Research Program and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo from 1987 to 1993. He is currently a professor of chemistry and head of the Solid State Electrochemistry Research Group at the University of Oslo. The team is part of the Materials Science and Nanotechnology Research Center at the University of Oslo. In recent years, the group has carried out a lot of basic research work on renewable hydrogen production and the development of low-cost fuel cells, and achieved plentiful results.


Visiting the Production Plants

    Prof. Norby and other experts first visited the Digital Operation Information Center and listened to the detailed introduction of the safety system, personnel management system, production and transportation system.



    At the hydrogen production base, Prof. Norby and other experts visited the production and refilling area. They listened to the introduction from the technicians and asked for details about the production processes and transportation.


Seminar Time

    During the seminar, Prof. Norby pointed out that under the current global trend of energy conservation, emission reduction and green development, the clean and pollution-free hydrogen energy should be widely used in social industrial production and daily life, and the prospect is extremely promising.


    Dr. Sun, the director of JinHong R&D Center, introduced the details of our hydrogen products and hydrogenation stations. He had in-depth discussions with Prof. Norby on hydrogen production from natural gas through high-temperature ceramic membranes, research progress in fuel cells, hydrogen powered vehicles and their charging systems, and the future development direction of hydrogen energy, and expressed that Norby's ideas have opened up a new direction for solving key technologies and industrialization of hydrogen products.

    Fellow experts and technicians all said that Prof. Norby's speech provided new ideas for the utilization of ammonia and hydrogen, which was very beneficial.


    Prof. Norby concluded that the visit had given him full confidence in the development of hydrogen energy business of JinHong Gas. Hydrogen energy is of great significance to the optimization of the energy mix, which requires the concerted efforts of industry and governments around the world, including China. He sincerely hopes that Jinhong Gas can continue to scale the technological peak, provide support for China to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral goals at an early date, and make contributions to accelerating the establishment and improvement of the global economic system of green, low-carbon and circular development.


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