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How to Choose the Right PSA Nitrogen Generator for you

Date: Jul 19, 2023

PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) nitrogen generation technology is a commonly used method to produce high-purity nitrogen gas. Due to its mature technology, convenient production, and low cost, PSA nitrogen generators have become a prevalent method for nitrogen production. The nitrogen gas produced through PSA is widely used in various applications, including food packaging, heat treatment protection for mechanical parts, petrochemicals, and oxidation prevention techniques.

This article provides some selection advice for PSA nitrogen generators, mainly differentiating them based on factors such as demand, purity, quality, and cost. It is important to note that this article does not offer specific recommendations for individual needs. For specific technical requirements, it is advisable to contact a professional nitrogen equipment supplier or reach out to us directly. We will arrange our experienced equipment experts to provide you with the best advice and solutions.

Ⅰ.Scale andCapacity

For users who need to choose a PSA nitrogen generator, the first step is to clearly determine your nitrogen gas demand, specify the required hourly nitrogen production, and understand the scale and capacity of the needed PSA nitrogen generator. PSA nitrogen generators can typically be categorized based on gas production capacity, such as modular PSA nitrogen generators, small-scale PSA nitrogen generators, and industrial PSA nitrogen generators.

Modular PSA nitrogen generators are typically small and portable, featuring a simple structure that is easy to install and move. However, their gas production capacity is limited, making them suitable for scenarios with small-scale nitrogen gas demands, such as laboratories, food packaging, and cryogenic preservation.


On the other hand, small-scale PSA nitrogen generators are suitable for medium-sized nitrogen gas demands, with gas production ranging from a few cubic meters per hour (Nm³/h) to several tens of cubic meters per hour (Nm³/h).

Industrial PSA nitrogen generators are designed for large-scale industrial nitrogen gas demands, offering significant gas production capacity that can meet several hundreds of cubic meters per hour (Nm³/h) or even higher nitrogen gas demands. These generators are widely used in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, electronics, steel, and power generation.


Nitrogen produced by nitrogen generators is divided into ordinary nitrogen (purity of 95% to 99.99%) and high-purity nitrogen (purity of 99.995% to 99.9997%). PSA nitrogen generators are generally categorized based on the gas separation principle into two technologies: Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) and Zeolite Oxygen Molecular Sieve (ZEOLITE).

CMS is typically used to produce nitrogen with ordinary industrial purity, ranging from 95% to 99.5% purity. These nitrogen generators have a relatively simple structure and lower operating costs, making them suitable for general industrial applications such as food packaging and cryogenic processes.


On the other hand, ZEOLITE is used to produce high-purity and ultra-high-purity nitrogen, achieving purities of 99.99% or higher. These nitrogen generators have a more complex structure and possess higher gas separation capabilities, making them suitable for industries with stringent nitrogen purity requirements, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Additionally, if higher purity is required but the currently selected PSA nitrogen generator cannot meet the desired level, some manufacturers may offer purity enhancement systems. These systems can further elevate the purity of ordinary industrial nitrogen to high purity or ultra-high purity levels. However, it is foreseeable that higher purity nitrogen usually entails higher nitrogen production costs. Therefore, when selecting an appropriate PSA nitrogen generator, cost becomes an inevitable and decisive factor to consider.

Ⅲ.Energy Consumption and Operating Costs

In the selection of a PSA nitrogen generator, energy consumption and operating costs are crucial factors that must be considered. Lower energy consumption and operating costs can reduce the overall nitrogen production expenses and improve the equipment's cost-effectiveness. Energy efficiency is typically expressed as the ratio of nitrogen production (Nm³/h) to the required power consumption (kW). The higher the ratio, the greater the cost-effectiveness of the equipment. Opting for a nitrogen generator with higher energy efficiency can lead to greater economic benefits.


Some nitrogen generator brands may also offer energy-saving features, such as intelligent control systems and low-energy consumption motors, to reduce operating costs. Besides electricity consumption, other operating expenses, such as maintenance and consumables, should also be taken into account. It is essential to consider the overall operating costs rather than solely focusing on energy consumption.

Absolutely, for long-term and cost-adequate projects, calculating the PSA nitrogen generator's Return on Investment (ROI) is worthwhile. Although some equipment may have higher initial investments, the potential for energy savings and low operating costs can lead to better ROI during extended operation.


Apart from the two points mentioned earlier, there are other factors that are also advisable to consider when comparing costs, such as the nitrogen generator's lifespan, equipment design, and user experience. Overall, it is essential to select the most suitable nitrogen generator based on specific practical circumstances. It is recommended to consult with professional equipment technicians to receive relevant recommendations.

Ⅳ.EquipmentQuality and Brand

When selecting a suitable PSA nitrogen generator, equipment quality and brand reputation are vital considerations. Opting for a reliable brand and high-quality equipment ensures long-term stable operation and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, prompt after-sales service, technical support, and spare parts availability are crucial for maintaining the equipment's optimal performance and upkeep. Purchasing from reputable nitrogen generator brands guarantees a seamless and efficient nitrogen production process, meeting the demands of various industries.

When selecting a PSA nitrogen generator brand, opting for large-scale multinational gas companies can be a convenient choice. They provide a comprehensive package with well-established configurations and after-sales support, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of the nitrogen generator. However, it's worth noting that the cost for such premium services may be higher for consumers.


As an alternative, choosing leading local brands from other countries can be a favorable option. These reputable brands often adopt advanced technologies and materials to enhance equipment performance and efficiency, ensuring compliance with relevant certifications and standards. Moreover, compared to multinational enterprises, local companies may offer nitrogen generators at a relatively lower purchase cost. Some local brands may possess extensive experience in nitrogen generator production over the years, indicating a deeper understanding of designing and manufacturing high-quality equipment.


Before making a decision, consider visiting the brand's production facility in person to observe their manufacturing processes and quality control procedures. This firsthand experience will provide valuable insights into the equipment's quality and the brand's reliability.

For customers interested in purchasing a PSA nitrogen generator from Jinhong Gas Co., Ltd., we warmly welcome you to visit our factory for a tour and understanding. At Jinhong, we are committed to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, and we look forward to working together towards success.


Selecting a PSA nitrogen generator involves multiple crucial factors, and the choice should be based on what best suits your application needs and budget, ensuring stable nitrogen supply and cost-effective production processes. Consulting a professional supplier to obtain more information and advice about PSA nitrogen generators will help you make an informed and wise decision.

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